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Not only is this a fantastic video, but it's also a fantastic thumbnail.

It's the perfect execution of packaging that has mass appeal.


And without a doubt a big reason why it went viral.

Let me explain…


The Breaking News theme creates a tonne of tension and curiosity.


By capturing this ‘mid-action’ moment, you're left with a lot of questions...


What happened next?

Is that actually the leader?

How did he get there?


You need answers and to get them, you need to click.

It's also a familiar scene for most, particularly the UK audience, which further raises the tension as 'Breaking News' is often associated with something serious.

Moments of tension are a great way of getting the click.

Proven Style

This isn't the first time Niko has used this 'Breaking News' style.

He's used it before... and it worked.


He knew that if the idea it captured was good enough, people would click.

It's also great from a returning viewer's perspective as it's a style they've seen before.

Look for proven 'styles' inside and outside your channel.


The leader of the KKK isn't that recognisable (I hope).


Therefore, the image on its own wouldn't have worked.


People would have just seen Niko with an old man.


By using the headline to provide context 'Leader Of The KKK', the image now has context and becomes extremely interesting.

Make sure viewers know exactly what is going on.


Arguably, the main reason this thumbnail worked is because of the video idea.

It's a truly viral idea with a massive potential audience.

This plays a huge part in the thumbnail and fundamentally what people are clicking on.

It helps that Niko framed it perfectly but you can't overlook this idea itself.

Better ideas make better thumbnails.

Want more?

These techniques (along with plenty more) are all explained in the Digital Bundle.


The Bundle is everything you need to make effective thumbnails and includes:

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Interested? Check it out.

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