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A video celebrating the channel hitting 100,000,000 subscribers is a good sign their thumbnails are on point.

As you probably know, MrBeast takes his thumbnails very seriously.

The end product? Perfect ones like this.

Let me explain…


Firstly, the thumbnail is a selfie (not a real one, but it looks like one).


MrBeast is the face of YouTube.

Him being in the thumbnail significantly increases clickability.

A lot of people know who MrBeast is and after years of making incredible content, a lot of people trust that when they see MrBeast, it’s going to be a banger.


He also wants to appeal to new viewers. It’s the only way videos can get the views they do.

So, even if you don’t know who MrBeast is, the mid-action shot of someone flying above a crazy island is still very clickable.

Headshots should work for both returning viewers and new viewers.

Banner (2).png


The goal of a thumbnail is to get the viewer to click.

The best way to do that is to make the viewer curious.

And this thumbnail does exactly that.

It captures the scale of the island but from far enough away to make you want to know more.

What’s on the island? Is that a giant MrBeast?

If you want to know, you've got to click.

Make the viewers so curious they have no choice but to click.



It’s important we discuss this.

The island doesn’t actually have an enormous sculpture of Jimmy, MrBeast Burger or a volcano.

But it doesn’t matter.

The thumbnail gets the click and then you're immediately hooked by the new promise of 100 subscribers competing in extreme challenges to win the island. You're not dissapointed.

Clickbait is only when your content underdelivers on what your packaging promises.

Making excellent content is the best way to avoid clickbait.



You might think the thumbnail lacks context.

No indication of 100 contestants or the fact he’s giving it away.

That’s on purpose.

MrBeast knows the most remarkable, visually appealing part of the video is the giant island itself and makes that the focus of the thumbnail.

The rest is all explained in the content.

Thumbnails get the click, intros explain the video.

MrBeast - Island Challenges.png


You can’t review this thumbnail without talking about the design.

It’s a masterpiece.

  • Captures an entire world without being too busy

  • Great use of colours that grabs the viewer's attention

  • Negative space lets the important (clickable) elements breathe.

  • Perfect enhancements to prioritise what’s important.

Use design to emphasise what is going to get the click.


Want more?

These techniques (along with plenty more) are all explained in the Digital Bundle.


The Bundle is everything you need to make effective thumbnails and includes:

1. Digital Book

82 pages explaining exactly how to make effective thumbnails.

2. Thumbnail Worksheet

Outlines how to turn your ideas into clickable concepts.

3. Thumbnail Checklist

Check every title and thumbnail do what they need to do.

Interested? Check it out.

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