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How To Make Effective Thumbnails

Everything you need to get the click.

Digital Bundle / $39

Note: This Bundle has replaced the Thumbnail Course.

Making effective thumbnails is extremely difficult.

Everyone is saying how important thumbnails are.

Arguably as important as your video.

But that doesn't help you make them.

You’ve got to think of a concept...

  • That stands out on a busy homepage

  • That effectively captures your idea

  • That is simple enough for a thumbnail

  • That works with the title and content

  • That makes viewers want to click

That’s a lot (and not easy).

But you have no choice.

You being here shows you know how important thumbnails are.

If you want to succeed on YouTube, getting the click is absolutely crucial.

It's essential if you want to get more views.

And how do you do that?

By making effective thumbnails.

Maybe you don’t know where to start.

Or maybe you’ve already tried countless different strategies.

The problem is a lot of advice out there is wrong.

Everyone’s channel is unique.

And depending on your size, niche, content, audience...

The optimal thumbnail strategy is going to be very different.

It's all about the theory.

There's no point trying to prescribe a universally optimal style or process.

The secret is to breakdown the fundamentals that make an effective thumbnail.

So you can truly understand what you need to do to get the click.

Helping you improve your CTR.


Get more views.


And get more subscribers

That's exactly what this product is going to do.

Digital Bundle / $39

What's included?

Digital Book

Explaining exactly how to make effective thumbnails

  • 82 pages (split into 17 chapters) breaking down everything you need to know

  • Examples from all niches showing the theory in action

  • Bonus Thumbnail Process section outlining the best process​


Outlining how to turn your ideas into clickable concepts

  • Puts the Thumbnail Process into action

  • Helps identify the best framing for your idea

  • And how to turn it into an effective title and thumbnail

  • Resource you can use for every thumbnail


Review your titles and thumbnails

  • Based on the fundamentals explained in the theory

  • Make sure every title and thumbnail is doing what it needs to do

  • Resource you can use for every thumbnail

Look Inside

Book Chapters

1. Foundations

Importance of Thumbnails

Video Idea

Design vs Theory

Target Audience

2. Fundamentals




3. Execution



Thumbnail Text


Image-Based Thumbnails

Design Principles

4. Guidelines

Social Hacking



Measuring Thumbnails

5. Process [BONUS]





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Digital Bundle / $39